Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HTC 7 Surround

Yup, I finally decided to get my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device. The reasons why I chose the HTC Surround 7 are pretty simple. I already had a contract with Telus and right now they only offer this one and the LG Optimus 7, secondly, the Surround as the alarm clock feature that the Optimus doesn't have and finally, the three main buttons, at the bottom of the screen are "touch" instead of actual buttons as the Optimus provides. I know that there are other Windows Phone 7 HTC devices, but the Surround is the only one available here for now so I didn't really had the choice, I don't think I will actually use the huge Yamaha speaker unless maybe for the alarm clock.

I'm not here to talk about the phone though, the real subject of this post is the Operating System, Windows Phone 7. After a couple of days using it and configuring it I thought I could let you all now about the small thing that annoyed me. Let me be clear though, all these little complications have nothing to ruin my experience with this OS. After only a couple of days, I'm already addicted.

Mac Address
There is actually no way, from the device itself, to find the Mac Address. So if your WiFi network uses Mac Address filtering, you'll have to disable it, connect the device to your network, use your router to find the newly connected device's address and then re-enable the filtering.

SSID Broadcasting
Windows Phone 7 is actually unable to connect to any WiFi network that does not broadcast its SSID

For now you can't share your mobile internet connection with another device. I do hope this feature will be implemented in Windows Phone 7 and that carriers won't have the option to disable it.

Live ID
When you first use your Phone 7 device, you will provide your Live ID, this Email is used for importing contacts and information from your Xbox Live account. Make sure you enter the right one because the only way to change it is to reset your device, thus losing all your settings and anything you already installed or transfered.

The device can't be used as a simple storage device. To transfer any content you need to use the Zune software, so you can only manage videos, pictures, music and apps.

Edit : My bad, I CAN actually edit a linked contact without unlinking it.
Linked Contacts
When the same contact can be found more than one time, let's say in your Hotmail contacts and Facebook contacts, they are automatically linked, which is not a problem, BUT, if you want to add , let's say a new phone number, to one of those "linked" contact, you have to "unlink" it first. This is a behavior that I simply don't understand. I really hope this to change in a future update.

Importing contacts
Facebook contacts and Window Live contacts or imported to the device automatically. You can set an option in the setting to make sure that your Facebook contacts are not imported automatically but make sure to do it before you set your Facebook account. Also, If you delete a Windows Live contact from the phone, it gets deleted from your Windows Live contacts. I'd like to have more options.

Well that may seem like a lot, but I still think its pretty good for a new mobile OS. One last thing, to sync with an exchange account make sure that ActiveSync is enabled on your account, once it is everything should work fine. I actually have a total of 5 Email accounts and they all work fine on Windows Phone 7.


  1. Cool, if you had buy a Samsung phone (the Focus is sold at Rogers) you would have been able to do some tethering (goo.gl/kCTTU).

    I was going to look for one (I had a deal with Telus), but I'm not really impress with the current phone selection. I may wait for a couple of months...

  2. Yeah, I saw that Samsung figured a way to enable tethering. But honestly, I don't think its a feature I would use that much. What I don't like though is that Windows Phone 7 itself doesn't offer me the opportunity to use that feature.

    Indeed the phone selection is pretty bad.

  3. f*********k, are u 100% on resetting it being the only way to change your main email? basically i bought the phone from a friend who used it once and its his info on it. i then brought it to a tech store and payed 100 and something bucks to unlock it to use it on my sweet Rodgers plan, i ended up having to wait over a month to do this. now im trying to customize it and realized this issue. if i reset it im most likely going to loose all that time and money invested into this thing. any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated

  4. Not listing the mac address and not being able to connect to a wireless network that does not broadcast its SSID is a killer for me, and most business users. That's just plain stupid.